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I had a message on facebook from a guy that lost $3500 in a ponzi scheme. He goes on to tell me that he is willing to do what it takes to make a STABLE online income.

Then adds that he wants to do so without any investment.  This was my mentality in 2008 when I first started online and guess what? That was the very reason I FAILED until 2011.  There are certain things you NEED to have for all of this to work.


The absolute minimum you need is a RELIABLE autoresponder service.

I have used many over the years… a lot of them I had the experience of losing my list due to things such as the company shutting down to another member sending spam emails and support basically saying “you did nothing wrong” (but they deleted my list anyways).  Even good providers like Aweber and Get Response I have known people that lost their list for the same reason.

Currently I use Sendshark and have no complaints. It’s also nice to have a 50,000 subscriber limit for a measly $25 per month…That would cost me over $200 per month with providers like Aweber and Get Response.  For the past 16+ months I have been using Sendshark, a service provided by GVO/NowLifestyle and happy to see my messages hitting the inbox. You can Test Drive The Sendshark autoresponder Free Right Now Here


If you are new or struggling with online marketing I invite you to check out this FREE step by step video training called Your Eight Steps, geared for the beginner.  Your Eight Steps will get you going on the right path toward online success.


The website/blog you are on right now was built with a system called Royalty Funnels which takes care of my web hosting and enables me to create video courses, capture pages, thank you pages, online ecommerce stores, membership sites, and a ton of other stuff. It’s limitless.  Other services such as clickfunnels do the exact same thing but cost $100-$300 per month! Royalty Funnels has packages ranging from $35-$85 per month!

You can get a FREE 14 day trial with full access and Royalty Funnels will not even ask for any credit cards or payment info.  At the end of the 14 days, you can decide to keep the system for as little as $35 per month or simply walk away without worry of ever being charged.

In The video I mentioned that I spend $60 per month and $10 per year for everything I need to be successful online(excluding paid advertising costs).

Here’s The breakdown.

Your Eight Steps = FREE for Life with an optional upgrade of $47 one-time which I did pay ($147 when I did pay)for the pro membership but completely optional – not necessary

Sendshark = $25 per month after FREE Trial

Royalty Funnels = $35 per month after 14 Day FREE Trial

Free + $25 + $35 = $60 per month = Online Success

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